Ylenia Piola


She is a singer and actress and she is graduated in jazz singing at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” of Milan. She had different experiences as a singer in some groups like White Spirit Gospel Choir, Vic Vergeat Quartet, GMO Orchestra, Accademia Big Band, Musical in Concert. She had different collaborations with some groups in the realization of Missa Criolla and Navidad and for Passione Secondo San Giovanni of the composer Alberto Sala. Actually her discography presents three CD’s with White Spirit: “Cantando per un’emozione”, “Live” and “20th” and one CD with Vic Vergeat Quartet: “Vic Vergeat Live”. The passion for musical brings her to met in 2008 the Theatrical Company “Amici per un sogno”. She took part as a singer and actress in various musicals like: “Il Cerchio della Vita”, “Zorro Il Musical” and “Sorella per caso, amiche per sempre”. She attented a specialization course in Musical Theatre at Centro Studi delle Arti of Naples studying with the best performer of Musical Theatre and Modern Popular Opera in Italy (Vittorio Matteucci, Matteo Setti, Barbara Cola, Roberta Faccani, Graziano Galatone, Leonardo Di Minno, Rosalia Misseri, Jacopo Pelliccia, Brunella Platania, Riccardo Maccaferri, Tania Tuccinardi and Gianluca Merolli). Thanks to this opportunity, she performs in front of the Paestum temples for “Maratona d’Estate”. Her dedication and curiosity about the use of the voice brings her to attend some masterclass and workshops of singing and acting. In one of the last experiences, she sings in the concert “Sweet Love” with her sister Sara and Francesco Paolo Mucelli beside the great Vittorio Matteucci in “Festival dei Monti Dauni 2019”. Actually she is doing a Master in pop/rock singing at the Conservatory “Arrigo Boito” of Parma.