The Foundation

The Tones on the Stones Foundation was established in December 2018.

The Foundation intends to expand its artistic research in the contemporary and digital arts sphere, guiding the Festival towards a dimension increasingly characterized by immersive shows and productions with digital sets; engages in site-specific productions that can create innovative paths, inviting artists to confront themselves with the unusual and majestic spaces made available year after year.

The development of the Tones on the Stones and Nextones formats and festivals are some of the statutory purposes In parallel, Tones on the Stones aims to promote and enhance the landscape and natural environment of the areas in which it operates. Undeniably today the festival is a connector and amplifier of the rich opportunities that the territory offers in terms of tourism, recreation and culture.

Training is a theme dear to the Foundation, training not only in music but also linked to the new digital disciplines applied to the art. The majestic stone theaters lend themselves to a wide use of digital languages ​​and both Tones on the Stones and Nextones will be containers and bearers of research and training paths.

Download the Foundation’s StatutePublic Contributions to the Festival – Year 2019/2020

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