Gang of Ducks

26 July 2020 — at 12:00pm

Villaggio di Ghesc Montecrestese (Associazione Canova)

From its birth G.O.D. – the acronym behind which the Gang of Ducks collective hides – has been distinguished by its multi-disciplinary approach and its freedom from ties to any scene or geographical setting. However, while G.O.D. may be described as a de-territorialised entity, we can identify Turin as the place of its genesis and Berlin as that of its evolution. An indissoluble axis from which the members of the gang draw continues inputs which they rework in their deviated artistic research that boasts around a dozen releases to date, some of which signed by artists of the calibre of Ital and S Olbricht, and which has now been flanked by a series of one-nighters.

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