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Acid Castello plays Ben Rivers film “Slow Action”

24 July 2020 — at 10:00pm

Cava Roncino, Oira di Crevoladossola

The Milanese acid-techno-folk trio Acid Castello, drum machine devotees, present a live soundtrack to the film Slow Action through machines and synthesizers.

Slow Action is a post-apocalyptic science fiction film that lies somewhere between documentary, ethnographic research and drama. Presented within the context of Live Arts Week as an expanded projection on four screens, the film offers a vast panorama and explores extraordinary settings that evoke a remote and hypothetical terrestrial future. On the basis of insular biogeography which studies how isolated species and ecosystems develop, differentiating themselves from the surrounding area, the film presents the scenario of hostile nature in which the sea level has risen dramatically and human society has evolved in small communities ruled by hyperbolic utopias. Slow Action was filmed in four end of the world locations: Lanzarote (the planet’s driest volcanic island), Gunkanjima (a rock just off the coast of Nagasaki and occupied by a former coal mining ghost town), Tuvalu (one of the world’s smallest nations) and Somerset (a small ecosystem in the Islands of Bermuda the species of which have yet to be studied). They are all lost worlds, lands defined by their geographical constraints, the evolutionary vicissitudes of which constitute the narrative flow of the film (written by Mark von Schlegell).

Inspired by the stories of Erewhon by Samuel Butler, New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon, The Green Child by Herbert Read and The Last Man by Mary Shelley, Slow Action embodies the spirit of exploration and active research that has come to characterise Ben Rivers’ practice.

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