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La Beola Di Monte


The quarry is located in a particularly sunny area and protected from the north winds: the favorable climate allows a constant mining activity. La Beola di Monte has a recent history in fact born in 2009 extracting from a vein that in the past had been active for over 100 years. The material extracted is the much appreciated Silver Beola.

Gneisses are part of Gneiss, metamorphic rocks of light gray color and with very accentuated foliation, in particular they are Ortogneiss granitoidi. Given their schistose they have been used in antiquity both as tegular coatings and for cooking by fire, the word beola derives from the Beura area from where they were historically extracted starting from the year one thousand. It is the Ossola version of the Valtellinese pioda made of schist serpentine. The silver beola finds its best use in civil and industrial construction and furnishing.

How to get there

Exit of the Sempione highway: Crevoladossola – Montecrestese.
Take direction Montecrestese, in the locality of Pontetto turn left until you reach the place Croppola where you will find the dedicated parking lots.
From the parking lot to the quarry there is a walk of 200 meters on foot. We recommend comfortable shoes and sportswear.

Satellite coordinates: Lat. 46.16122, Lng.8.325382.

Cava Seula


La Cava Seula is located in Baveno, a place of important mineralogical interest. From this quarry, still active, the Pink Granite of Baveno is extracted and it is also the site of the feldspar mining plant that supplies the raw material for the ceramic industry.

The granite of Baveno is world famous, the precious rock began to be extracted since the 16th century AD There are many monuments built with Baveno granite, including the one in honor of Christopher Columbus in New York, Palazzo Carignano in Turin and the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.

In ancient times, before the twentieth century, black powder was used for the extraction phases and granite was transported through Lake Maggiore and Ticino. Currently modern excavators and hydraulic drills have replaced the no less laborious work of the miners.

How to get there

The entrance to the quarry is located near the junction of the Baveno exit of the A26 motorway, in Via degli Scalpellini.
At the junction go under the motorway overpass and always keep your right until the parking lot.

Satellite Coordinates: Lat. 45.9173673, Lng.8.4862758.

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