Active quarries become majestic stone theaters, changing their shape with each edition.
Spectacular interdisciplinary productions, unrepeatable in other scenic spaces. Creative contents inspired by the morphology of the large walls, in a perfect combination of the beauty of natural stone and immersive video scenes projected onto them.
From opera to the performing arts, from dance to electronic music, site-specific productions and international artists: these are all the ingredients of Tones on the Stones, a unique artistic format, able to always guarantee great emotions.

Tones the XIII

This year Tones on the Stones will keep your emotional tension constantly out of speed: we start from Haber with his irreverent and tormented Bukowsky, to arrive at the immersive Aida and No Gravity Show productions able to literally project you into other worlds and new ones dimensions, to conclude with a line up of Nextones that never before this year, presents artists of the highest international profile.

Fasten your Seat belts… 3, 2, 1… Ignition!
Programme 2019

The beauties and opportunities of our territory

Tones on the Stones is much more than a festival: it represents the opportunity to enjoy a weekend full of nature and adventure, between the landscapes and the colors offered by the district of Lake Maggiore, the beautiful Ossola valley and the largest wilderness area in Italy, thenational park of Val Grande.

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